November 15, 2011

Dueling Darlings - November

Oh the duel we had this month!  Welcome to it.   It was a fun time.  Our Diva hostess was, Miss Kelly.  She put it all out there on this one!   Have you ever seen the show Chopped on Food Network?  I felt like I opened the mystery basket!  The kit may have been eclectic, but so generous.  Thank you, Kelly.

You are going to want to visit all of the Dueling Darlings this month, to see what they have created.  Their blog links are located on the right sidebar of this page.  We have a guest joining us this month!  Please also stop by Janet's blog.

When I received my kit, I quickly opened it in the kitchen and put the goodies out on the counter.   You have to love DH, as he is quick with the one liners.   For example he looked at the kit and said, "Nothing matches."!  Then he looks at the image and said "Where are her feet?".   I think he looks for these things ever since he realized that the Magnolia images have no mouths.   You KNOW what is coming next.   He asked as he poured some orange juice, "Are you going to use the Cuttlebug?".  God, love that man.

Here is the kit that we received.....I did group the papers by the company, as we had to use one paper from each company.

Our next challenges were to use only items from the kit, to use the entire footless image, incorporate the gingerbread man and the candy cane twine.

I was able to use five of the papers.  You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the outfit on the image is paper pieced and is one of the five papers.  I feel like I cheated a wee bit, but the twine is on the gingerbread man in his button holes.  I changed his color and it inked the twine, so you cannot see it too well.   Here is the final outcome.

As for the last challenge, it was to post a picture of what not to wear.   All I can say is I am speechless when I look at  Oh. My. Goodness.

Last, a quick little story.   I am taking the photo of my card for the challenge.   The card falls off the table onto the floor.   Our kitten Mia, is there just ready to take it over.  I think she wanted the gingerbread man!  She did this all by herself.

I laughed so hard!  It looks as if Mia is a bit shy.   Here is a picture of our blanket loving girl.

Hope you all have a great day!



April said...


This is a fabby card! I love how your little footless one is in front of the Christmas tree!! And love how you topped it!

I do love your DH stories...mine only said "those go together??". And, Mia looks like an up and coming designer herself! hehehe

WallyWorld customers always bring a chuckle......

Barb said...

Oh My, Oh My! First, I love your card and the layout works well.

And, the cute pictures with Mia--she is a perfect display holder for cards--you'd need to use her in the future.

The story of your hubby and the kit is so cute--so did you use your Cuttlebug?

Melina said...

Oh my! I love the tree on your card! great layout!
Your cat is so cute! I love how it's "wearing" the card! giggle :)

Janet said...

Your card is so cute!! And Mia seems so happy to be looking at it!

I shudder when I see how some people dress & I see them in a store like WalMart! YEESH!!

Judy McMullen said...

Awesome card, Tami. Love the way you used the papers. Great paper piecing on Lilah's lovely outfit! The picture of Mia with your card is just adorable! And great and funny story of your DH's comments. Cute! As is the Walmart pix...those alway are eyebrow raising!

Darlene said...

Wonderful card, Tami! I like the embossing on the tree & the whole effect each element has on the others. Hey, it must be a great card, your discerning cat likes it, right?!
Walmart peeps - what a hoot!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) A•Muse Consultant #1065 said...

Tami, I love how you can take a mismatched assortment of goodies and create such a beautiful card. WOW! That's a real art!!!

I also love your DH stories... he and his Cuttlebug! ;) And look at Mia, not one to shy away from a photo op too much. Tee Hee!

Now those Walmart peeps... perhaps they should have been a little more shy and run for cover when they saw the camera. LOL!

Thanks for participating in this month's fashionable duel!

Carol W said...

Once again a great job on your card how you cut out the sleigh word from the one the pics of your kitty as well...goes to show Mia is impressed with your crafting as well...great job my friend...

Terry said...

Your DH and my DH would get along wonderfully!! They had almost the exact reaction! Mine doesn't make Cuttlebug comments anymore since I use it almost everytime I make a card!

Your card is great! Cool way to use the tree! Love it ☺

~Paola~ said...

This card is DA bomb!!!!
awesome layout using the cut out and embossed tree with Lilah sporting her Christmas attire.
U sure did a fantastic job with this challenge!!! *LOVE IT!!* :o)

~Paola~ said...

ohh I forgot to mention how CUTEEEEE Mia is...and soo funny with that card in her
totally adorable...I bet she's a tad spoil too?? (I know our Kalhua is!) lol

MiamiKel said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Tami, why didn't you tell me I skipped you in the blog rounds!! THIS IS A GEM!! I am so in love .....with Mia :) The card is pretty dang cute, too! LOL! LOVELY the embossed tree and so tickled you used it - I was hoping to see it somewhere in the hop and saw you adn Judy ROCKED IT!! Great creativity! LOVE the photo of Mia sending her hoiday greetings :) And Love YOU!!! Hugs!!

djones said...

Your card is gorgeous. Everything about it goes together so wonderfully. I love the paper pieced image and the Christmas tree is beautiful. You rocked it girl!