June 15, 2011

Dueling Darlings - June

Hello Campers & Nature Lovers!    No, I'm not crazy, The Great Outdoors is our theme this month for the Dueling Darling Dazzlers & Divas.  

We received our challenge and our great kit this month from, Barb.  There was so much outdoor goodness to choose from!   She was quite generous to say the least.  Thanks, Barb!

I have to say that I have become quite a foofy camper.   No thanks, on tent camping any longer.  Ever since the huge hole that ripped from wind in the six man tent, on a hella cold night on a Memorial Day Weekend back in the early 90's, DH and I have never camped again!  We bagged it mid night and slept in the car.  I don't think I have ever been so cold! We went home the next morning.  There was no room at the Inn with our other 15 friends who all had RV's and people crashing on their floor! We did love Prineville Reservoir, as we both grew up visiting there with our families.

Now in the younger teen years, I still cannot believe that we did this, but my girlfriends and I would just take off and go camp somewhere on the mountain.  Like no pre-planning or anything.  Dad's six man tent (yes, the one that ripped later).  My girlfriend, was in charge of eye batting.  This would be that we would get our campsite, usually after dark, and she would go eye bat and whala some guy would put our tent up for us.  It worked like a charm every time!   Now I would be scared to death to do that and would think we would end up on an episode of Criminal Minds!  How in the heck did I get my parents to agree to that?!  I must have fibbed a lot or something......?????

There were a group of us guys and girls that would go camping as well.   Our favorite place was Promontory Park.   It was within a half an hour of home and it was kinda like Cheers, there was always someone you knew there!   Our friend had a boat.   So we would load our stuff up and camp on the island.   Again, along came Dad's six man tent.  Well, there was that time that I forgot the tent stakes.  What a hassle that was! 

Both DH and I grew up fishing with our Dads at Promontory.   I would always catch more fish than my Dad - I am sure by design.  He would let me get a bunch of junk food at the store like the shoestring potatoes in a can, soda pop and candy.   I would eat it and be totally sick by the time we got home.  My Mom would be mad at my Dad and then we did the same thing next trip.   I guess I was never really cut out for junk food!

I will have to save the Cove Palisades stories for another time.  I promise that the Eye Batter and I did not mean to take her Dad's boat out after dark and race it.  Who knew that the back seat lifted up and it was a cooler?!   Now who would spend 50K on a boat back then with the chance of the Eye Batter finding the keys?  They should have known better!   LOL 

Well, on to the card for this duel.  I used the Bo Bunny DP, Whipper Snapper sentiment, Bo Bunny flashlight, fun brads and a button.  I had the tree die cut on hand from a LSS.   I loved creating with the kit. 

Please view the dueling ladies cards at their blogs.   The links to the blogs are listed on the right hand side bar of my blog titled Dueling Darlings.

Have a great day!