January 15, 2017

Dueling Darlings - January

Welcome to the Dueling Darlings of SCS's first post of 2017!   We are back after a short holiday hiatus.  The Dazzlers and Divas are ready to share the love!

Terry and I were the hostesses this month.  We wanted to go with a simple theme, to create a card that everyone could use.  No special challenges, just plain ol' card makin'!

The Divas kit included an image from Riley and Company.  The image Heart Balloon Riley is just a cute guy on this card.

The hearts made me think of the group Heart .  Then of course the song Barracuda.  Oh come on, you know you sang 'oooohhhh barracuda'.  It was one of my first records when I was under ten years old!  Remember, I have the older brother - oh, and I am the good child.   Yet another song we ripped around the house singing.  

I also love me a good cover.  This version of Gretchen Wilson - yes the country singer - with Alice In Chains and Nancy Wilson rocks!

Please stop and see what the other girls have created this round - I can't wait to see what the created with their kits!  Their blog links are on the right side bar

January 2, 2017

Dueling Darlings - November

Our last Dueling Darlings kit for 2016 was gifted to me from our sparkling, Carol!   There are so many things to be thankful for and this kit represents thankfulness so well.  Thank you, Carol.

I am glad to be caught up with the rest of the group.  My goal in 2017, is to stay that way!  I am thankful for all of the girls in the SCS group.  They are the best and make me giggle often.

If you have not had time to view the November cards from the Dueling Darlings, their blog links are on the right sidebar.  Go and have some fun.

Have a great 2017!

December 27, 2016

Dueling Darlings - October

No, we are not turning back time!   It is right after Christmas.  I am just now posting my October DDD card!  I am still behind.  I still have one more to go.  I still have my running shoes on.  I still hope to be caught up soon!

Kadie, we love Kadie.  I am going to miss her in our group!   She sent the cutest kit for October.   I will admit it is a little different coloring pumpkins at Christmas time, but hey it is like Christmas in July but reversed!  Thank you for a great kit, Kadie.

I am looking forward to visiting the other DDD's to see what they created - I know it has been a long time!  I did not want any design to influence me and it is fun to see what everyone used! If you have not already peeked, then do so yourself as the DDD's blog links are on the right sidebar.

Thanks, for stopping by!

September 15, 2016

Dueling Darlings - September

Hello!  It is time to duel with the Dueling Darlings from SCS.  

The Dazzlers and Divas have been busy with the theme of Owls and Halloween.   Now I don't know about you, but I cannot - CANNOT - believe that Halloween is a little over a month away.  

Barb sent our kit for this month.  The image is from Peachy Keen Stamps.  The owls are out to duel it up!

We were asked to share a Halloween memory.  Remember my brother is seven years older than I am. Oh, and I am the good child.  Now that you are up to speed on the family dynamic, let's get to the memory.

Trick-or-Treating.  Never got to be fun themed Disney characters, this was a business!  It was all about the haul.  I could go with my brother and his friends....if I could keep up.  That meant tennis shoes and a warm outfit - no tutus or parts that need to be kept track of!  Thus, I was usually a hobo with a flannel shirt and Lord only knows what smudged on my face.

No cute little pumpkin candy holders.  We had the pillow cases.  I am sure that my mom was nervous as heck letting me leave with my brother and friends.  These are the same friends that pushed me out of trees.  But, with the lure of future chocolate, my mom was won over. We made a HAUL!!!!  We would have to run home to dump our loot and reboot!

Then when my brother 'got too old' to Trick-or-Treat, he would take me and say things like "Just taking my little sister out to T-n-T" or "Isn't my little sister cute?" They would be thinking 'what a nice young man' {if they only knew} and dang if they did not give us more than one candy!   Split haul!!!   LOL

I cannot wait to see the cards from this round.  You can too - the blog links are on the right sidebar.

Have a great day-

August 15, 2016

Dueling Darlings - August

Happy August!   The Dueling Darlings from SCS are ready to post their "Going to Rio With the Olympic Darlings" creations for this month.  I am so excited to see what everyone has done!

Judy was our hostess this month.  She was permitted by ScrappinDoodles to gift us with this adorable digi image.  Is it weird I like his perfectly round head?!  Okay....

Thinking of the Olympics, then Rio, then of course you know that you are thinking it too....Copacabana.  The famous beach in Brazil!  Well, I am not too much a Barry fan, but Copacabana made me think of this snippet from Friends and it makes me laugh.

Here is my Olympic duel card.  I was able to use a lot of the embellies that Judy sent, including her custom made sentiment.   I used a Spica pen for the lettering to give a slight gold sparkle.  The flames too.

I have enjoyed a few late night viewings of the Olympic coverage.  It must be an amazing experience.  Judy, thank you for the great kit and theme for this month's duel.     Be sure to see what all the DDD's created.  Their blog links are on the right sidebar.

Go for the gold!

July 26, 2016

Happy B-Day

Well, I can let you know that when you are permanently behind, you tend to run though your stash of cards!   I needed a birthday card, so had to carve out some time to make one.

I have been working on it for awhile, but I am bound and determined to use the crafting supplies that I have.  Oh, I see cute things along the way that I want to buy, but dang I have so much paper that is unused.   I just have to use it!!!

I do feel like I get new things to craft with, when we have our monthly card kit for the Dueling Darlings on SCS.  That is always fun!  I also like how I get to remember what kit something I use was from and know that a little piece of my friends are going out with my card.

Today I used an older than dirt image I had from an image exchange - that should tell you how old it is!  It is a cute cat from Penny Black.

I paired the image with some paper scraps that I had - the end of those papers - never to be seen again!   Speaking of scraps, I try to not keep any scraps smaller than the polka dotted piece on this card.  Been there, done that, too much to dig through.  I wanted to use some black brads, but alas I did not have any, so I dug some rhinestones out.

So tell me, are you usin' what'cha got?   Do you think you could if you're not? Any tips or observations?  I do find it places another element in the creative process to make your thought work, even when you do not have exactly what you think you need.

Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!

Card entered in the following challenge(s):  Penny Black and More

July 15, 2016

Dueling Darlings - July

It is time for the Dueling Darlings from SCS to post for July.   It is Christmas in July.   Has the panic set in yet?  It did for me!!!!  We are half way there.

We were asked to share the first thing we do to get into the Christmas spirit.   To be honest, things have been so busy with parents these past few years, we have not been the best on decorating.  We will work on that one.

Kelly, sent us the cutest image to work with this month.  The DP was that great pink for Christmas type of paper.  You know, the non traditional colors.   I really like them and I am not so much a of a pink girl!

I certainly like the little pink house that Snoopy has in this card.  I added a bit of sparkle with Stickles, to keep him festive.  It was a fun kit to work with. Thank you, Kelly.

You know it made me think of this song...Pink Houses.  I had a girlfriend who was smitten with John Mellencamp back when he was a 'Cougar Mellencamp' {remember he changed his last name}!  I especially like his high kicks while dancing in the field of this video!

Mr. Cougar Mellencamp just creates a lot of questions, like why did you change your name, why did you name one of your children Speck, why do I know that you named one of your children Speck, who are Jack and Diane, why do Jack and Diane suck on chili dogs outside a Tastee Freeze and has anyone ever seen a pair of Bobby Brooks jeans?  I mean I did a Google search and this is what came up....really?  I am thinking these are not what Jack had in mind!

Please be sure to visit the entire group of Dueling Darlings to see their creations this round.  The blog links are located on the right sidebar.

Have a great day!

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