November 18, 2019

Dueling Darlings - November

Owl the heck are you?!   We have an owl theme for our Dueling Darlings November card.  The girls from SCS are sending out the cute stuff.

Heather, sent us the cutest little owls from Taylored Expressions.   I used the die cut Hoot Hoot Hooray owls for my card.  I dug out my die cuts and embossing folders and of course read the sandwich directions - Why can I not remember them?!  LOL   Some paper scraps later, here is my card.  The photo caught odd light and looks wavy, but in person it is not.  This is not elementary school, so no picture re-takes.

Speaking of re-takes in elementary school, I had to do them one year.   I think it was like the second grade.  We were goin' all out and having school pics with a 'scene'.  You know, like the fake fence kinda thing.   I though I would be extra cute if I painted my fingernails to show on the fence, some girl in class had fingernail polish.  So, pictures come back a few weeks later, mom opens them, I have frosted pink little nails and got in a whole lotta trouble!  Re-takes, no fence!

Thanks for the cute kit, Heather.  I cannot wait to see what the other little owls look like this month.  You can see them too, the URLs are on the right sidebar.

Have a good day!

November 5, 2019

Dueling Darlings - October

BOO!   That should scare you - especially since Halloween is over!  LOL   Yes, here is my Dueling Darlings from SCS post for October.

Barb, sent us a fun image from Outlines Rubber Stamp Company.  The image is named Ghost Couple. I like that they are not just ghost friends, but a couple! I had to use the brads from the kit, as Barb is the queen of brads.

Kind of sounds like a title....The Queen of Brads!  I think I am watching too much Downton Abbey.  Well, like everything lately it seems, I am only about 5 to 9 years late to the show.  I have just a few episodes left.  I just so want one of those girls to come down the stairs with her hair in a pony and with some sweats on, eating food!

Thank you for the great kit, Barb.   I now can go see that the other DDD's have excited to  do so!

September 15, 2019

Dueling Darlings - September

Welcome to the Dueling Darlings from SCS, September duel.   September is baby safety month and the catalyst to our baby theme.  

Judy sent a kit that was just chock full of cuteness!   We were asked to make a baby card.  While there were dang cute girl papers, I have a boy gift to give next week, so went with more earth toned papers.  Perfect timing Judy, thanks!

In looking at the kit, there were stickers.  I like stickers, but never know what to do with them.   I kept coming back to the stickers and challenged myself to use them.  

So, since I was struggling with using a sticker, I thought why not throw a button in there too for good measure?!  Buttons throw me off as well as stickers.  Why do I do this to myself?!  LOL   The end result reminded me of some of the project kits that I have seen from Stampin' UP! 

Please be sure to visit the other Dueling Darlings.  Their blog links are on the right side bar.  You will for sure see some great baby cards.

 Enjoy September~

August 15, 2019

Dueling Darlings - August

The Dueling Darlings from SCS are ready to go for August.   We have made our list, checked it twice, maybe ten times and here we go!

Kelly sent a cute image from Newton's Nook Designs.  The image is Winston's Honeybees.  I used the blue papers from the kit, as they reminded me of something my mom would have liked.  It also gave me a chance to use another older than dirt piece of cardstock from my stash....Not Quite Navy from Stampin' UP!

Well, Winston had an accident.   He was colored and I fussy cut his ear off! Dang it!!!  I did not want him to be a Vincent Van Gogh, or partially deaf, so we had to start over.  I could not be trusted with the scissors.!  New bear and new design.

Please check out the other creations from the Dueling Darlings.  Their blog URL's are on the right side bar.

Bee happy!

July 15, 2019

Dueling Darlings - July

Well, we had Halloween in June, now it is time for Christmas in July!  Join me with the Dueling Darlings from SCS for this month's duel.

Suzy sent the Divas fun stamped things from the Stampin' UP! set Christmas Lodge.  I loved the DP and the texture it had in the kit.  I wanted to feature the DP and the sentiment.  I had to trim up the sentiment to get a good fit.

I even drug out some older than dirt Stamping' UP! paper - ya know I've got some!  Forest Foliage and Ruby Red - yep!  Brought out the 'ole Cuttlebug to use an embossing folder, Branches, I think it was called.  For crying in a bucket, I can never remember the 'sandwiches' and have to use a cheat sheet, but I can tell you the market margin for avocados! Remember those chalks Stamping' UP! sold, like the original ones?  Well, I used them too.  Good thing they cannot dry out!

We were asked to share a Christmas recipe that we make.   I have a recipe that my dad loved, I guess it is good, but I have never tried it!  I would hold my nose making it - eeewww!  Everyone that tastes it likes it and wants the recipe, so maybe you do too!  I will list it below.

Please be sure to visit all of the Dueling Darlings.  Their blog URLs are on the right side bar.  Siri tells me it is 163 days until Christmas....better get goin'!

Sweet Potato Delight

3C Cooked, mashed, sweet potatoes
1 C Sugar
2 Eggs well beaten
1 Tsp Vanilla
1/4 C Milk
1/2 C Butter


1 C Brown sugar - packed
1/3 C All purpose flour
1 C Pecans - chopped
1/3 C Butter

Mix all ingredients together in mixer, except topping ingredients.  Pour into buttered casserole dish.

Mix toppings together in mixer and sprinkle over casserole to cover.  

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes

June 21, 2019

Keep It Simple

As I stated in another post, I have slim pickin's on card stash.  After two runs to Hallmark for cards that had to go out and a lot of money later, I thought I need to 'use what'cha got'!

I always feel like a card has to be all fancy-schmancy to go out.  I really like DP, that is why I bought  it right?  So, I got to thinking, why can't I just make a simple versatile card that would work for male, female, any occasion, feature the DP.  I mean we send the cards mostly to people that do not make their own cards, so they might think that is fancy-schmancy enough right?

So, I have had this paper cut for a long time, never assembled, as I had this thought a long time ago.  I  liked the DP and thought that it would work for my keep it simple project.  The card can open either way and can be sent out in a second for any occasion.

I paired the papers with a card stock that I have a lot of, in the cream color.   This is in case I decide I want to add a sentiment or something later, or for a specific card. Added some layers to give the card some weight.  Of course I layer the interior too, but am too lazy to take photos of it! I made nine of this card and it was easy cut, glue and assembly.

So, think about it....maybe you could keep it simple too!  Have fun!

June 20, 2019

Thinking of You

Having been so busy, I have really gone through my stash of cards.   It's kinda slim pickin's 'round here!

I was in need of some generic cards, i.e. thinking of you, sympathy, get well, having a challenging time.  

I dug around in my stamps and found this Stampin' UP! sentiment.   I found some DP that could be used for any occasion.   I made 6 of this card.  Quick and easy old school stampin'!

Have a great day!