June 15, 2019

Dueling Darlings - June

Hello!   Or shall I say, "Boo"?!

It is time to Dueling Darlings Dazzler and Divas on SCS to post their June card kits.   The 15th is the posting date each month.  Kind of a nice break in mid-month!

Terry and I have a new month to host this year, June.  So, it is Halloween in June!   They do Christmas in July, so why not?!  

You know I use what'cha got.   I have a stamp set from Red Rubber Designs and we all had used the girl in the set prior, so the boy stamp it is!  I did a serious 'go through' of my DP to come up with paper for the kits.   I made sure that there was the same DP in each kit for a few sheets, and the rest was coordinating.  The embellies were a Hail Mary from the drawers!

Now I do understand that I do not have time to create cards as much as I would like too and that affects how many supplies I use, but holy night I still have so much stuff!  It is a great challenge to add the extra element of maybe not having the perfect 'thing' to put on your card, but it makes me feel good to put what I have to use.  I mean I liked it enough to buy it so why not use it- or was gifted it from a kit, so that kinda is new - or new to me!

Okay, so I had to listen to this while I created - I mean it is Halloween!  I actually have all the KC & the Sunshine Band hits on my playlist.  I listen to it often.  It reminds me of when I was really little and my parents listen to it.  ....Shake Shake Shake was the front runner to drive my mom crazy, because you know we were not supposed to say booty, so we would sign "shake, shake, shake your" then we would point at her saying nothing that was perfectly timed for the word booty.  Or we would pop out from behind things and say, "I'm your Boogie Man".  Remember, I am the good child.

I cannot wait to see what the girls created this month.  You too can take a peek via the blog links to on the right side bar.  

Happy Halloween!

June 7, 2019

Dueling Darlings - April

Guess what arrived in the mail this week?!   The missing April Dueling Darlings kit from SCS, that LJ sent to me.   It arrived looking all pristine and ready to go!  Friggin' PO!

A cute kit that had a lot of primary colors.   I seem to not work with primary colors much, so it was fun to pair them up.   I even found two Copics that were not dry as a bone!  LOL

Thank you for the kit, LJ!

May 31, 2019

Dueling Darlings - May

Our girl Carol from the Dueling Darlings on SCS sent us our kit this month.   The image is from Bombshell Stamps.

The motorcycle image reminded me of the Harley Davidson my brother had.  I had my wildest bike ride on that thing!  I was still in high school and my brother lived out on his own.  We were at his house for a party.  I really do not know what happened, but next thing you know my brother and I are on his bike in a hurry.   My friend (remember the Eye Batter?) was with my brother's roommate on his bike and we are off!  Like police chase off.  Like no helmets off.  Like my brother screaming "If I lean, you lean" off.   Like me yelling back "Okay, but if you kill me mom is going to be really mad at you" off.  His neighborhood was older and had narrow unpaved side streets - with big pot holes - man we caught some air.

We did elude the police (remember I am the good child) and went back to the house and then the police showed up!  We were just sitting on the sofa like we had not just been on a high speed chase a few minutes earlier.  I am sure my hair looked really cute!  Needless to say, they could not prove anything and we were total jerks for doing it.  It was a short time later that my brother crashed that Harley.  Ironically, on his own street!  Of course high speed was involved.

Well, the good child needs to get a few things done, since I can now check off my May duel card.  Hope you have a great day!

April 16, 2019

Happy Easter

Easter!  This weekend!  Oh, my goodness.  The holidays seem to be coming faster and faster lately.

While we have never seen a hedgehog dancing on an Easter egg, I thought this image was too cute to not use on an Easter card this year. This image is from Penny Black, titled Easter Tricks (good thing I wrote the name not the back because how would I ever know that now?!)

Use what'cha got is still in play, even though I do not get to make many cards. Remember all of those image swaps that we had in the past?  Well, this image is from that.   The DP is from my scrap bin and a dollar stamp from Michaels.  I even drug out the CuttleBug.  And yes, DH asked around Christmas time if CuttleRugs were on sale for the season.  He is such a dork!

I need to get this card in the mail today.  That would be after two other errands and a Fed Ex drop off.  I had better get going!

Happy Easter y'all!

April 15, 2019

Dueling Darlings - March

Heather, sent the Divas from SCS the perfect play on words image for the March round.  The image is from Stamping' UP!.  The stamp set is named Stewed Pot Pals.

While it was not ideal that the Postal Service about made Heather go mad with delayed packages, the kit finally arrived and was worth the wait!

Hope you all have a good day - now go eat your vegetables!

February 26, 2019

Dueling Darlings - February

Doggone it!   I am a wee bit tardy for the February duel with the girls from SCS.   The Dueling Darlings made a kit for Love Your Pet Day.  

Barb sent the cutest Whipper Snapper image for us to color up.   The embellies were so adorable, I had to use two types of them.  Thank you for the great kit, Barb!

We miss having a pet around the house, since our Mia is gone.  All five years and five pounds of her.  Although she was gone way too soon, we laugh about her on the regular.  She was dang funny, that cat!  Here is where I found her just kicking' it one day, in the urn on the table, in the dining room.   Silly girl!

Have a great day!

January 15, 2019

Dueling Darlings - January

2019!   A new year of the group Dueling Darlings from SCS.  Welcome to it!  The Dazzler and Diva teams are ready to duel each month.  Such a talented group of ladies.  I am honored to be a part of their group.

The kit for January came from our Diva friend, Judy.  It was such a cute kit.  The theme was encouragement and the challenge is to offer our card to someone for encouragement.   I have just the person in mind!

I encourage you to visit the other Dueling Darlings - their blog links are on the right side bar.   You will not be disappointed!

Happy January~