June 21, 2018

Dueling Darlings - June

Okay, so I am about a week off.   Well maybe more is off than that!   LOL   I am just getting posted for the Dueling Darlings on SCS.

Carol, sent us a great assortment of rose images.  I just saw this image from Gina K and thought it looked like it went with the DP perfectly.

The image was crisp in lines and the black card stock a true black.  The DP was a bit more muted.  I took some gray chalk and rubbed the image to tone the white down some and did the same for the black card stock.  It helped them blend a bit better.  More so in person, than in picture.

Thanks to the DDD's for waiting for me.  I am excited that I can now go and check out their creations.   You know I have to wait until my card is completed to have the full experience!  LOL  You can see their work too.  Blog links are on the right side bar.

Have a great day!

Dueling Darlings - May

Spring has come and gone.   Just as everything seems so quick this year.  The Dueling Darlings went bird crazy in May.  I missed the fun, but am trying to keep up with my tardy post!

Heather, was our hostess and she send all types of bird fun.  There were many great things to choose from in the kit.  Thanks Heather!

I have not crafted in so long, I actually dug through my punch drawer and found a corner punch that I do not think I ever used.   I was trusting that I would not screw it up, as I really liked the DP Heather sent and wanted to use it!

I am glad to say, that those crazy robins that attacked our house finally moved on.   That was nuts!

I hope you all had a great spring.


April 15, 2018

Dueling Darlings - April

April Showers!  It is the theme for the April duel for the Dueling Darlings at SCS.  Boy, we have had a few showers here.   Spring has sprung, for sure!

Barb is the hostess for the Diva group.  We received an image from one of her favorite stamp companies, Whipper Snapper Design.  the image name is Umbrella & Slicker.

There was so much to create with in the kit!  I liked the larger umbrellas in this DP.  Oh and Kelly, I used a button!  Thank you for the kit, Barb.

So in addition to the spring rain, we have this crazy Robin that is driving me nuts.  An American songbird my.....   He keeps flying to the windows and pecking them.  I finally closed the shutters and he went away.  I tried to be nice and not tell him he is really fat!  Yep, back the next day on a different window.  Closed the shutters and he went away.  Today he went to every window for two hours.  I am trying to work at home and I have a fat robin pecking my windows.  He went away and came back with a friend!!!!  Robin and I had to have a talk.  I told him 'Listen Robin, I am on a conference call and you need to take your friend and chill."  No joke, he left.

I'll stick to umbrellas, thanks!

March 15, 2018

Dueling Darlings - March

We received the most adorable kit from Judy this month!  The Dueling Darlings from SCS are ready to celebrate some birthdays.   Thank you, Judy.

This kit was chalk full of fun things to create with.   I tried to take a different spin on the contents.  I modified one of the images by fussy cutting the present out.

All of the sparkles do not photograph well, but there are Stickles on the package and the yellow background is glitter paper.

Speaking of paper.  Holy night.  I dug deep to get this paper.  Like circa 2000 deep!  LOL  Proving once again, if you look hard enough through what'cha have, you can find something to match!

Please be sure to visit the other blogs - they are listed on the right sidebar. You will be glad that you did!

Have a good day~

February 15, 2018

Dueling Darlings - February

Something I love.  That is the theme for the Dueling Darlings from SCS this February.

Oh, there are so many things!  Where to start....okay how about these chips I keep eating right now and cannot stop!  WALK. AWAY. FROM. THE. CHIPS. !   The apple and banana chips are amazing.  Even more amazing, they sell them at Costco in the big bag.  Oh my goodness!

Kelly, is our hostess this month for the Divas.   She loves Europe.  That is the theme for the items we received this month.  Kelly used a stamp set from MTF.  She even die cut the images for us too!
While it did not photograph well at all, I highlighted parts of each image with Spica markers.

I have just the couple to give this card to.  Our past neighbors that are elderly and at a retirement home, loved to travel and did so in Europe many times.  They have great stories to share, so I am sure they could reminisce some great trips.  Her Alzheimer's has advanced quite a bit, so I will have DH take the card with him on his next 'elderly toiletry item' delivery, so our friend will have someone to tell some stories to.  We had to laugh last night, it was Saturday night and we were at Target buying Depends!   We were acting like we were normal....ya know better!   LOL

Thanks Kelly, for a fun kit.  I cannot wait to see what the other girls have done with this kit.  The entire Dueling Darling blog links are on the right sidebar.

Have a good day!

January 15, 2018

Dueling Darlings - January

It's a new year and the start of the Dueling Darlings from SCS posting the 15th of each month. Happy New Year!  We have some new members in the Dueling Darlings group, joining the girls you have seen each month.  Be sure to check my blog side bar to visit their creations.  Should be a lot of fun!

LJ was the hostess for the Divas this month.  Our theme was to take a provided calendar image and add our own stamp to it, to make a 'new year' theme.  Thank you for the kit, LJ.

Well, I took it literally!  I had a new year stamp that I had never inked up, so I dug around my bin to find it.  It is one of those $1 - well, I think they are like a $1.50 now {inflation!}, stamps at Michaels, by Studio G.  It also gave me a chance to open that Stickles bottle I have had for years and never used!

2017 was a very long and heartbreaking year for me losing my dad.  I am looking forward to 2018 being a better year.  I hope it is for you all as well.

~ Happy New Year!

December 15, 2017

Christmas Cards Calling

It has been a long time coming - Christmas cards from me! This is it. Shut the front door, it is happening!

I had been so busy with my mom, then my dad, that I was not able to go on the annual Christmas Card making weekend with my card making girls, for the past two years.   Well, I was able to go this year.

Oh my, good thing I went.  These girls were going a bit crazy.  They needed some reigning in!  {look at me act like I don't fit in!}  Just what I needed three days away, some card making, some good food, some good friends, some shopping, oh okay, we day drank one day - again, reigning them in!

We go to the beach each year.  The rental we used prior was sold, so we have a new place to dwell.  It was awesome!  We rented a lake house at the beach. I know! The best of both worlds, lake and beach. The weekend was in October and a little questionable for weather.  Lucky us, it was perfect out!!!

The lake at morning

The lake at morning 

Our view from the table

I still have a lot of work to do!!!!

Usually, I finish my cards during the weekend.  If I had not chosen 5000 layers, I might have!  Did I mention I have 5 layers on the interior too?  Nuts!!!   Everything is still in the box that I brought it home in.  Aaaahhhh!

I used a Whipper Snapper image that my nice friend Barb sent me to use a few years ago.  It was a fun image.  I did a use what'cha got with the exception of the rhinestones and the ribbon, as I did not have enough of either.  Yay!  There are 50 of these little 'little gems' {insert eye roll} for a total of 700 layers. Nuts!!!

Okay, I have to get going on these.  I cannot wait to see all of the cards this year.  Post what you have.  I wanna see. Looking forward to it!