February 28, 2012

Calendar Girls - February

The Calendar Girls are paying tribute to our furry friends in February.   Our hostess Kelly, would like us to have a pet included on our card creation this month.   The added challenge is to use the color red somewhere on your card.

I know what you are thinking.   She's going to do a card featuring a cat!  'Cause you know I love me some kitty!!!  Well, I am using a puppy named Harry The Dog, from Whipper Snapper. I was gifted a cute image from our girl Barb, that I had not used yet.   Harry, was begging to come out to play!

I remembered that I had a single piece of DP that would work perfect.  I have had it ever so long, so I dug it out.   I then used some ribbon I received as a prize from, Ms. Forest.   I had a little mini rubber stamp cling set that I purchased a long time ago for $1.00, that I used for the sentiment.  Here's Harry:

You may be wondering what Mia (our kitten) is up to.   She is eagerly anticipating her one year birthday in March.  We are still working on the care of her eye (dang shelter), as it is still a bit weepy.  Hoping that it will improve when she is done growing.  A good girl she is, but a kitten all the same.  

There is a heating/cooling register in our kitchen under the cabinet, along the moulding.  It is a smaller version located at your feet under the sink, horizontal under the cabinet.   It makes for toasty feet in the winter when you are doing prep work, or a great place to stretch out lengthwise if you are a kitten, while people are trying to work in the kitchen.  It must not be as warm there when no one is in the kitchen....

I was putting groceries away the other day and turned to get something out of the bag and this was what I found.  Luckily, I had my phone on the counter to snap her picture. 

I told her she will have to get a job to pay for a new Whole Foods bag, now that I cannot use this one that the cat was in, for cripe sake!  We like to ask her when she is going to work, or if any prospects have called, especially when she is all stretched or passed out in a blanket.   Mia, just gives us the squinty kitty eyes in return.     

Please be sure to visit the other Calendar Girl creations.  Their blogs are listed on the right sidebar.  Thanks, for stopping by!

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February 27, 2012

A Blog Award For Me?!

Special thanks go out to my friend Barb and my friend Terry, for awarding me the Liebster Blog Award!   The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers.

In the spirit of good fun, I am passing this award on to five other bloggers. Please stop by and encourage them by leaving a little love on their creations.

For the five blogs that I am presenting this award to, please.....

1.  Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to their blog.

2.  Reveal your five blog picks for the award and let them know.

3.  Post the award on your blog.

4.  Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogshare - other bloggers.

5.  finally the best rule of all....have fun and spread the love!

Gosh, now who to give this great award to!   Let's see....I am going to award for number of followers, possibly some who are trying to grow their crafting as a business, or for showing us their way cool DT offerings.  Here are my picks:






February 18, 2012

Oh, Brother!

It is my very favorite brother's birthday today.....okay, he is my only brother, but still is my very favorite!  He is seven years old than I, so I attribute a lot of the trouble I ever got in to him!  That did not work out so good after he moved out on his own from my parents home.   They would say, "he doesn't even live here".   I held steadfast.

While I still can hardly believe how old we are getting, it seems like yesterday that I was so little and he was teaching me all the parts of an engine.   I was probably the only six year old that knew what an Edelbrock carburetor was!    I am not sure what happened, but none of the knowledge really stuck! 

The love for cars stuck with my brother.   That boy was h*** on wheels before he got keys - okay and still today.  And no, it does not run in the family!  ;)   From drag racing to a sanctioned sport, if it goes fast, my brother is THERE.  

I thought this card would be perfect for him.   I received two images in an image swap.  There was a truck and a car.   I used the truck for another masculine birthday.   I liked the layout for the truck card and used the same for this card.    I will include both pictures for you to see.

I believe the stamp set is from Stampin' UP! and quite a bit older.  If anyone happens to have it, I would love to beg, borrow, or trade some additional images.

Okay, off to text my brother how old he is getting.  I have been doing it oh, about once an hour today!

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February 15, 2012

Dueling Darlings - February

The Duel is on!  Here we are again.   Back with some luv for ya!  The Dueling Darlings are working with some pretty cute stuff this month.   Carol, is our hostess.   The kit she provided had so many cute things!

Topping off the list is that our image is from Mo Manning!  In case the cyber police are out there, Carol did obtain permission to gift us the images. Since the theme is all about luv, we have the image Young Love.

I had all of these seemingly great ideas on what to do with this one.   My end result is totally different than I had envisioned!   I swear I am always a Nestie layer too short.   What is up with that?!  Also lately my images have been too large for the Nesties that I have.   For Pete's sake!  My coloring went in a whole different direction too....oh well.

I am sure that you are tired of hearing me say this, but really it is mostly to reinforce the idea to myself, I am looking through my stash to see what I have for each project and what would possibly work, before any new purchases.  I did the same for this duel.  I promptly found a stamp that I had mounted and never inked from Stampin' UP! to use for the sentiment.  Are you ready for this?  Yep, circa 2003!   Holy night!!!  That's EIGHT years ago.  I used the Fun Phrases sentiment Husband, Wife...Happy Life! on the interior of the card.  What a blast from the past!

I did use one extra embellishment that was not included in the kit (pink flower), but thought about it and I actually received it prior from...Carol, I think!  So, I thought that would kit count for sure!!!  Speaking of Carol, do you know her?  Yes, she is the one that hand made ribbon flowers for our kit - 'just made them up' she said!  Like I could even do that. I had to hoard them.  Here is my luv card:

Our extra portion of the challenge is to share if we are doing anything special for Valentine's Day.  DH and I were kinda the boring couple this year.   He had to travel out of town.  I will say that I am a way happy camper with the THREE boxes of Sweehearts he brought me yesterday morning.  I never eat them, so should be pretty much in a sugar coma by this evening.  They are so wrong, but so right.   Oh and no knock-off Sweethearts.  They just don't taste the same.  They have to be the Necco ones!  I know, there is a good chance there is something wrong with me!   LOL

Please check in on the other Dueling Darlings. Their creations will be posted to their blogs as well. Their blog links are on the right sidebar.

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

February 7, 2012

Looking For a Valentine...or Two!

Oh, I had to get going on my Valentine's Day cards.   They need to get in the mail, if I am going to end up with any chance of a Valentine this year - ssshhhhh don't tell DH he might not be the only one!!!   LOL  

I used two $1.00 rubber stamps that I purchased last year after the holiday for $.25 each.   Shoot, I almost forgot I bought them!  I had thought that they were cute and envisioned the heart flowers glittery for some reason.

The picture does not show the embossed black paper too well.   Also my Martha Stewart heart punch and I had a little go around.  I about broke it's heart.   I did prevail!

Hoping you find a Valentine.....or two as well.   ;)

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