February 28, 2013

Calendar Girls - February

The Calendar Girls from SCS are going to share what they love this month!   I cannot wait to see what they have come up with.

I do not know if many know it or not, but I love me some bubble bath!   There is not much better than a good book on my Kindle and some bubbles.  Ssssshhh don't tell, but I kinda take a lot of them. 

Our challenge from Kelly, was to make a card with ONE thing that we love.   I was looking for an image in my files and came across this image, that was perfect for my obsession love for bubble baths.

I had received a really cute card kit in January from a Facebook group that I am in.   I used the papers and the cute little heart, tag and brad from the kit.  We were to try to use non-traditional colors.  I suppose that I may have met that part of the challenge, as I do not usually create with pastels.  I will be sharing my card with someone who needs to relieve some stress!  

Please be sure to stop by and take a peek at what the Calendar Girls love.  Their blog links are on the right sidebar. 

Have a great day!

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Crafters of Faith - February

Welcome to the Crafters of Faith on SCS February posting.   I was able to put out a theme for this months challenge!  

I asked the girls to create a card with the following criteria.  Hey, you might want to try the challenge out for yourself!

I have a crafting tool that I just had to have and have hardly used. Does that sound remotely familiar?! I think you all may have the same tool in your arsenal. I would like you to drag out your scoring tool. Scor-Pal mini, biggie, Martha mini, biggie or if you do not have one of those, I am sure that you may have a scoring blade on your paper cutter. SCORE!!! It would be fun to see how you all incorporate scoring onto your card. You know I am into 'use what'cha got', so if you do not have a scoring tool of any sort, please create without this element. Oh and I do not mean just a score to fold your card base in half! LOL

While it is a 'lovely' month February, let's create a card that is not Valentine's themed. That being said, it is the second part of this challenge. Let's not use Valentine theme, red, pink or white colors anywhere on our cards. That includes the paper you stamp your image on....*gasp*!

For our third element, how about we place both an image and a sentiment on the front of the card.

So, I set to work on my own card.    Sssshhhh, I have a secret.  No one can know!   You know that little used crafting tool I challenged everyone to use, the scoring one?!  I forgot!!!   I am such a tool!!!  I totally forgot until I was finished, so I fished out some scraps from the trash.  I only had scraps, because I am using scrap papers.  I put a tiny score in the paper and added the pieces.  There was so much more opportunity to score, if I had not glued everything down already!!!

I so tried taking the photo to represent the actual colors of this card.  Different light, different days, alas to this result.  In person, the colors are a great deep burgundy, peach and a teal type of green.  This goes to show you that even cards can have bad picture days.  Even after the re-takes {think school pictures of the past}!  All this picture and school days talk made me think I needed to listen to this!

Please be sure and check out the rest of the COF cards.  The blog links are on the right sidebar.  I cannot wait to see what the girls have thought up!
Thanks, for stopping by!  

February 22, 2013

Fly Like an Eagle

I had a birthday card to create and thought that Riley & Company would be the perfect image.  I had the cute image of Riley in an air balloon, that I received from an image swap.  I decided upon that image and went to work.

Of course the air balloon in the image made me think of this song.  I love me some Steve Miller Band!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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February 15, 2013

Dueling Darlings - February

We are dueling with love this month!   The Dueling Darlings from SCS are kinda smitten. 

Judy, was our hostess this round for the Divas.  We received a lovely kit with so many papers and embellishments it was hard to choose which to work with!  Thank you, Judy.

This song came to mind with our Stampin' UP! Summer by the Sea stamp image.  The sentiment is from Stampin' UP! as well, the Circle of Friendship stamp set.

Please be sure to check out the duel.  All of the Divas will have the same image as this card and the Dazzlers will have same theme, different kit.   Their blog links are on the right sidebar.

Thanks, for stopping by!

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February 11, 2013

Cards I Can't Make!

Ya know, some cards you just can't make!   Here are two I had to buy for the right person.....

Since I did not get to listen to music to create these, it did remind me of this song!   When we were in Las Vegas last, we were walking by Toby Keith's bar and there was a guy almost like the end of this video on the ground.  It was kinda scary!  He had passed out and fell.  What happens in Vegas.......

February 10, 2013

Unidentified Image Swap - February

The Unidentified Image Swap on SCS is ready to reveal the February cards.  I am so excited!   I just love to see what everyone has created from the same image.

Linda, was our hostess for this round.  She gifted us the most darling little dog image.   The image is named "Tail Wager" from Stampotique.  Is he not just darling?

You know that I had to listen to one of my favorite bands while crafting this one.  Black Dog is a classic song - oh come on, I think you may have sang this out loud in the car when you are by yourself at some point in life!   LOL  Yep, it's time to get The Led Out!  When I worked corporate my friend would come to my desk all fed up and say "It's time to get The Led Out" and we would close the door and play some Zeppelin.  Somehow it made a project a little more tolerable! 

I have to thank Paola, for gifting me the cute dog DP!   Since I am in a 'use what'cha got' phase, I had to make a 6 x 6 sheet work for six cards.   Challenge.   I worked with the layout and was able to do it.  Yay! 

Thanks for stopping by - have a good day!

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February 5, 2013

My ♥ Belongs To You

Here is a little card that I made from a kit that I received from a Facebook group I am a part of.  Thank you, Suzanne!

I do have to say that this 'use what'cha got' thing I have going on makes things difficult sometimes!  It truly adds another element to any challenge.   I did use some of the itty bitty, and I mean itty bitty dimensionals behind the punched hearts at the bottom of the card.  Those were pretty fun to work with.  They did work great for little items as I had hoped.

OH!  And can I just say that I have a little pet peeve with paper that is not solid core?!  Well, let me re-phrase that.  I have a pet peeve with paper that is not solid core that shows white when you cut it.   Looks more like a tear!   LOL   I do have a little solution though...add a wee strip of white paper as a layer and it will hide it.   Just like below on the brown layer!  LOL  Of course that threw my measurements off, but what the heck.

Of course all of this white paper mess and love talk made me listen to this song

Have a good day...

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