February 28, 2014

Calendar Girls - February

Hello!  Yep, it's time for the February posting for the Calendar Girls on SCS. 

Kelly, is our hostess this month.   She challenged us to use fabric and no image on our card this month.  You may use a sentiment, but the fabric must be the focal point of the card.

Well, anyone who knows me, understands that sewing stuff is not my gig.  I admire those who can create with it, but remember I am the girl that had the potholder project in high school and the teacher asked what it was when I turned it in.  'Nuff said!  LOL  

As you can imagine my house is barren of bolts of fabric!  Short of cutting up a shirt, I had to go to the craft store.   Holy night!  What a bunch of choices.  I had to simply get out of the fabric section - it was too much and I did not want to spend a bunch on something I would only use a bit of.  It reminded me of when I chose fabric for window treatments....endless!  So, I made my way to the crafting section.  I totally scored!  I found little bits of fabric on clearance, three for $.10.   Done!  

The shape was already created, I added an eyelet and ran a Copic over the edges to color.  I did have recently received {wink} fabric ribbon, so I used some of that.  Then I had some paper that I just loved but was not sure how I would use it.   I dug it out for this card.  I think I might have even received the paper from Kelly...how funny would that be?!

So, here is your song....turn it up!  It is one of my favorite Crue songs.  Of course you have to play it on every road trip - and everyone must sing it aloud - it's a classic! Oh okay, you can sing it aloud right now too, you know you want to!

Be sure and see the other Calendar Girl creations. Their blog links are on the right sidebar.  Have a great day!

Card entered in the following challenge(s):  Make it Monday

February 15, 2014

Dueling Darlings - February

Love!  Feel the Love!  That is the Dueling Darlings from SCS theme for February.  It just reminds me of this song.  ♥ 

Both groups are working with the same sentiment this round.  Fun!  I really like the font and how it is laid out.  This made it easy to make the sentiment the focal point of the card.

Barb, was the Divas hostess this month.  Wow, did we receive a kit!  It was so full of fun things, thank you Barb!   I tried to use as much as I could of the many embellishments received.   I only added the little paper punched and popped up hearts.  The rest come from the kit - even using the little paper edges around the sentiment from the 12 x 12 that Barb included {I always use these too, Barb!}.  I just had to use the brad from the kit, as Barb is known for her brad use!

The Dueling Darlings are such a fun group to be a part of.  I enjoy each of the ladies.  Jeanette and Kelly are our group leaders.  I appreciate each of them with the caring and creative spirit each brings to our group.  We are some lucky Dazzler and Divas to have them!

Please be sure to share the love and visit the Dueling Darling blogs.  You will get to see all of the creative takes on this fun duel.  The blog links are on the right sidebar.

♥ ♥ ♥

February 9, 2014

Carriers of Faith - February

Our February post for the Carriers of Faith on SCS is a challenge from our hostess, Barb!  The verse she gave us was this....

Colossians PBJstories.etsy.com

The challenge she gave us was to think of what we work hard at , but cheerfully.  Maybe something we do for a career, want to be when we 'grow up' or what we love to do in life.  

There are so many things I could expand upon for this challenge!  I decided to go with something that I am working on, how I want to be when I 'grow up' all while doing and using something I love.  That's a tall order! 

I am currently 'working on' learning the Bible better.  I have read through it once and now I am working on reading a daily chronological version.   The daily version is about 3,200 pages long, which is about 9 pages per day.  Totally doable! 

When I 'grow up' I hope to have a better understanding and recall of verses and such.  I just have this little inkling when it all comes down, that saying I did not have enough time to learn isn't going to cut it - but I did read so and so's latest novel....

'Doing' something I love, is to read.  All is good when I am doing so!  Which ties into 'using something that I love' and that is my Kindle Paperwhite.  

I am so in love with that Paperwhite!  Oh my goodness!!!  I can appreciate and at times use to read my iPad, iPhone, Kindle app on the computer, but nothing compares to the Paperwhite.  I like a dedicated reader.  The down lighting is so easy on the eyes and you can read for so long without eyestrain. It is lightweight and portable. I can read with no glare in any lighting.  The mere fact that I do not have to lug around that 3,200 page book is glory enough! 

You should have arrived here from Carol's blog.   Your next stop is, Shelly.  I cannot wait to see what the rest of the girls have in store for us this month.  The entire blog list is on the right sidebar.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!