June 30, 2014

o"FISH"ally Awesome


I had some pieces to a half created card that the stamping was just not quite right on.  The pieces were from a stamp class.   I saved the pieces and card stock to work with later.   I pulled them out today and cut, pulled apart and reused papers and added some elements.

It was kinda fun to re-make the card.  The original ideas were there, but just different placement and a new sentiment from Create with TLC.  I was able to make two of these cards.  Perfect for our dads!

Have a great day!

June 28, 2014

Calendar Girls - June

Calendar Girl time!  It is always a favorite time for me.  The SCS Calendar Girls have the best cards to share.   Their links are on the right sidebar...take a peek!

June was hosted by, Debbie.   She gave us a long list of holidays to choose from for a theme on our cards this month.   I chose Black Friday as my holiday.

For Black Friday I wanted to use black and just a touch of another color.  I used some DP that I actually recently used - yep, use what'ca got is in motion! The shopping theme made me think of friends and shopping.  I then remembered that Kelly gifted me some cute shopping themed images.  I dug one of them out.  Then I used some cute leftover ribbon that was in a kit from, Carol.  Thanks for the gifts, girls! The end result will be sent to one of my friends.

Do you Black Friday shop?  You know I love me a bargain, but I did that shopping twice.  Once we got a Barbie Jeep taken away and offered back if we paid cash to the person....who extorts on Black Friday?!  We heard a huge fight, a smack, and a lady exit an aisle in the air over a friggin' crockpot! The second time, I went with my girlfriend.  You would think that I would never go again after the first experience, but I thought it had to be a one time thing.  We were issued a number to wait outside in the cold wee hours of the morning, only to go into the store and find that all bargains were gone. People were really rude and some chick hit me twice in the back of the legs with cart.  No thanks.  I'll be the girl sleeping in!

June 27, 2014

Girls Trip!

My card making girls and I went on a trip this past weekend.  Yay!!!  We planned the date back in November.   We rented a house in Sunriver, Oregon.    We had five days of heaven - oh and we made some cards!

First we had to get a little sporty and ride some bikes.  There are 35 miles of paved bike paths in Sunriver.  We had some fun!  You have to watch the corners when you are taking a vid with your iPhone, just sayin'!

We went on some walks and kept seeing Bambi and her mom by our house. Isn't she cute?!

We went on a distillery tour.  This was our view.   Mountains from left to right Broken Top, South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Black Butte (no snow) and Mt. Jefferson.   Gotta love the panoramic option on the iPhone!

Then one morning I went out on the deck to read and found the funniest thing I have seen in awhile.  My Rick Springfield loving friend had her bathing suit out to dry and she friggin' has a Rick towel!  LOL

Oh yeah, we made some cards too!  Here they are.....

 Can we have a 'do over'?! I'd like to go again.  ;)

June 15, 2014

Dueling Darlings - June

Hello and welcome to the June Dueling Darlings from SCS!  The duel between the Dazzlers and Divas is ready to go today!

Darlene and I are the hostesses for this round.   We decided upon a theme of gardening.  Perfect for this time of year.   I sent the Divas a kit that had an image that I think is so cute, Garden Riley from Riley & Company.

I used some of the kit papers and got Riley all ready to show off his garden.  I used a Christmas stamp for the sentiment.  Speaking of the sentiment stamp, I have to give credit to Jeanette as I finally remembered that I like how she stamps directly on the DP at times and I did it!  And, I did not screw it up, which is good, because I did not have any additional pieces of that DP, oh and it was already glued on.  Yeah, it could have really went sideways!   LOL

For the challenge piece of the duel we asked the girls to give their best gardening tip.  My tip is this....wait for it....hire a great landscaper!   I am so a reluctant gardener.  I like it to look nice, but do not want to do the work!  We are so thankful to have 'John' {his self given landscaping name} come by each week.  He is the nicest man.  Always a smile, a super cute hat and he is amazing with how he can edge a yard with a smoke dangling - no hands! You've never seen anything like it.   He works May through November and goes to visit his family in Vietnam during his off months.  We always laugh as there is no communication.  He just shows up sometime in May {we figured this out about the third year} and just never comes back sometime in November. He has quite the business and we refer him often....we love him!

Please be sure to check out the rest of the gardening duel.  The blog links are on the right sidebar.  I guarantee you will love what these girls turn out!