August 28, 2014

Calendar Girls - August

The Calendar Girls from SCS are ready to punch you out!  Not really, but we are working with punch art this month!  How fun!

Paola, is our hostess this month.   She has asked us to create a card with punch art.   You know, the punches that you have collected along the way and use their shapes creatively to make it look like something different?   Well, used the punches, not sure if I created anything 'different'!  LOL

I really like punches.  I think that they are quick to use and you don't have to be super accurate in your stamping - just adjust the punch and you are golden!

Since I do not keep all of my crafty von crafts out, at times it is easier to grab a punch rather than pull out the Cuttlebug and Nestabilities for small projects. The space freak in me does not like how much room the punches take up, but I just throw them all in a drawer.  Paper Shapers - EK Success are my favorite punches.  I think that they punch the best and feel the most sturdy when punching.

I hate to waste any paper.  It think it has to do with my paper hoarding tendencies!  LOL   I really do not save itty bitty scraps, but I do take a quick punch before I recycle them.   I keep the punches in a Ziploc and use them for quick card needs.   I also send them in card kits and such.  Works well and makes me not feel like a paper waster!

I searched through my already punched scraps.   I found some like colors and thought of a DP that I recently used and created some punch flowers.   I was able to use 15 punches for this card.   I was only short two punches for the 'right colors'.  The flowers went together really quick.   I put an eyelet in the middle of each flower and off to the races!   Super quick way to make a card that looks like you spent more time than you did.   Thanks, for the nudge to use the punches, Miss P!

Of course the punch made me think of this song from Five Finger Death Punch. Probably not the song that you think I am listening to when I am making a flowery card! I do like the song and what they do for our troops.

Please be sure and check out the Calendar Girls punch creations. I am sure they are much more creative than I and flowers!!!  I cannot wait!   Their blog links are on the right side bar.

August 15, 2014

Dueling Darlings - August

The 'friends are the family we choose for ourselves' duel has begun for August.  The girls from the Dueling Darlings on SCS are back with some friendly fun!

Carol, was our hostess for this month.  She did something that I love....use what'cha got!   Our kits were created from Carol's stash. They were so full of fun things.   I was able to make two of this card and not even dent the kit!  Thank you, Carol.

So, I have an interior photo for you this time.   Little known fact...I do not like to photograph the insides of cards...they always fall and are a pain to I don't!  I for sure line and layer each card and decorate some, just do not photograph them!

I am so fortunate to have some really great friends!  I have thought of many of them during this challenge.

The Eye Batter had a birthday this week, so I called and wished her a great day and asked if she remembered when she drove her dad's car through a store front in downtown Portland {no one was hurt}. Clean up in aisle three....  It was a sad day, we really had a lot of fun in that Honda and it could not be repaired at that point!  We were good kids, just did a bunch of fun things.  Here we are years later and her 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' son who has done some hair raising things, just made the Dean's List at his college.   All is good in the hood!

Hope you have some great friend memories too!

August 13, 2014

Card Kit Swap Kit - One

Hello Everyone!  I hope that your week is going well.   Things have been busy here, but it is an exciting month.   Here, I'll explain.....

It is the SCS Card Kit Swap for August.   I am so glad to be a part of the swap.   Each month we send a card kit to a member of the group.   Upon your given month, you receive a kit from everyone in the group.  Talk about fun mail!!!

With our received kits, we are to create a card and post the card for the group to view.  This is the 'where I am busy part' comes in and scares me that I have a lot of cards to make, as August is my month to receive kits!  

I am going to get started with the first kit that I received.  It is from Kelly.   I had a lot of papers to work with, thank you Kelly.    I was able to use a lot of the embellishments that were in the kit.  You know that I had to use a button, as they are Kelly's favorite embellishment.  The button I chose encouraged me to use a bit of sparkle on the card too.

I of course could not make a bird themed card without listening to The Byrds! Did you know that this song originated from the book of Ecclesiastes in the KJV of the bible, although the sequence of the words were rearranged?  Most take the song as a plea for world peace.....we sure could use some that that right now.

Have a great day!