April 15, 2016

Dueling Darlings - April

Shut the front door!  I am on TIME.  I know!   Welcome to the April duel with the Dueling Darlings at SCS.

Suzy, is new to our group this year.  She is hostessing for the first time this month.  We were lucky to receive a card kit from her themed 'Swing Into Spring'.

What Suzy probably does not know about me, is that I have this weird affinity for 'grandma paper'.  That is defined as any DP that looks like it could be wall paper in a grandma's house.   There was 'grandma paper' in my kit!   It was a cross between 'grandma paper' and a Carol Anderson circa 1996 dress my girlfriend had!  I had to use it.  The Copic markers turned out really dark in the photo.  They look a little more blended in real life.

The image of the girl swinging looks so nice and proper.  Very much unlike when we as kids, would go to the neighbor's house and rock their swing set until it literally bounced out of the grass.  It was up on a small slope and we would bail at the height of it, so we could fly down in the air to the grass below.  I am not sure how we did not break anything.  Yeah, the swing set only lasted one summer.  They took it out when I flew through the air and landed on a rusty nail with my foot.  Back to bikes!

We were asked to share our favorite spring dessert.  You know you will probably think it boring, but by spring I am looking forward to fresh fruit.   I like a dish of cut fresh fruit best.  Yummy!

Go see what the other Dueling Darlings have to show this month.  Their blog links are on the right sidebar.

Thanks, for stopping by!