May 15, 2016

Dueling Darlings - May

Oh my gosh, we are going to duel from the Dueling Darlings on SCS!  Yep, and it is Terry's and my month to hostess!   I had to bust it out, to get my card done on time.  You cannot be the hostess and be late.  Well, I guess you could, but I would feel really bad!

Our theme is May Flowers.  I dug through my stamps and remembered a set that I won on a blog candy along the way.   There was this cute girl with some flowers - score!  She makes me giggle because similar to a Magnolia, she has no mouth.  It is always the first thing my DH comments on!  The company is Red Rubber Designs.  The stamp set is Oh No She Didn't.

Well, you know I started to think that she did not have a mouth, then it reminded me of rendition of The Sound of Silence by Disturbed!  So, I had to listen to the song when I was creating the card. Did you know that Paul Simon wrote this song in his bathroom, in the dark, with water running?  Thus, hello darkness....  Why do I know this stuff?  I don't know either!

Our challenge was to let everyone know what flower you plant each year.  Well.....let's just say the apple fell from the tree and rolled down the hill.  My mom was great at gardening.  Me, not so much.
So, here is my secret.   I have a strategically placed pot, that is outside the kitchen nook door that is mostly glass and has this little picturesque view of the pot.   We plant flowers in the pot so we can see them when we look out the window.  It gives the allusion of flowers are sure to be everywhere!  DH had to give the pot it's own drip line in the sprinkler system, as I killed many flowers, not including the flowers the slugs ate (color me surprised - who knew they ate flowers?! - yet I know Paul Simon wrote music in his dark bathroom).  We have evolved to marigolds, because they are hearty and seem to last all season.  I like the variety that has the dual color.  Yeah, we don't have those this year.   DH picked up "the flower" {remember there is only one}.  This year we have some pom pom looking marigolds that are kinda tall.  ...Okay.  My mom always used to laugh at how we have "the flower".  So, I was telling my dad we got "the flower" and that DH bought the pom pom tall one.  My dad started laughing.  He said "your mom didn't like the tall marigolds and would say to not get them when he went to the nursery!".  Look who's laughing' now!  LOL  

Speaking of the kit, you know I have to 'use what'cha got', so I created it all from items that I had on hand.   That left me with no DP at all.  I scrounged through scraps and found one piece that matched one of the papers that I sent out.  I cut that little piece ever so carefully and used it on the edges of the card.  I cannot wait to see what everyone created with their kits!  Fun!!!!