September 15, 2016

Dueling Darlings - September

Hello!  It is time to duel with the Dueling Darlings from SCS.  

The Dazzlers and Divas have been busy with the theme of Owls and Halloween.   Now I don't know about you, but I cannot - CANNOT - believe that Halloween is a little over a month away.  

Barb sent our kit for this month.  The image is from Peachy Keen Stamps.  The owls are out to duel it up!

We were asked to share a Halloween memory.  Remember my brother is seven years older than I am. Oh, and I am the good child.  Now that you are up to speed on the family dynamic, let's get to the memory.

Trick-or-Treating.  Never got to be fun themed Disney characters, this was a business!  It was all about the haul.  I could go with my brother and his friends....if I could keep up.  That meant tennis shoes and a warm outfit - no tutus or parts that need to be kept track of!  Thus, I was usually a hobo with a flannel shirt and Lord only knows what smudged on my face.

No cute little pumpkin candy holders.  We had the pillow cases.  I am sure that my mom was nervous as heck letting me leave with my brother and friends.  These are the same friends that pushed me out of trees.  But, with the lure of future chocolate, my mom was won over. We made a HAUL!!!!  We would have to run home to dump our loot and reboot!

Then when my brother 'got too old' to Trick-or-Treat, he would take me and say things like "Just taking my little sister out to T-n-T" or "Isn't my little sister cute?" They would be thinking 'what a nice young man' {if they only knew} and dang if they did not give us more than one candy!   Split haul!!!   LOL

I cannot wait to see the cards from this round.  You can too - the blog links are on the right sidebar.

Have a great day-