April 15, 2018

Dueling Darlings - April

April Showers!  It is the theme for the April duel for the Dueling Darlings at SCS.  Boy, we have had a few showers here.   Spring has sprung, for sure!

Barb is the hostess for the Diva group.  We received an image from one of her favorite stamp companies, Whipper Snapper Design.  the image name is Umbrella & Slicker.

There was so much to create with in the kit!  I liked the larger umbrellas in this DP.  Oh and Kelly, I used a button!  Thank you for the kit, Barb.

So in addition to the spring rain, we have this crazy Robin that is driving me nuts.  An American songbird my.....   He keeps flying to the windows and pecking them.  I finally closed the shutters and he went away.  I tried to be nice and not tell him he is really fat!  Yep, back the next day on a different window.  Closed the shutters and he went away.  Today he went to every window for two hours.  I am trying to work at home and I have a fat robin pecking my windows.  He went away and came back with a friend!!!!  Robin and I had to have a talk.  I told him 'Listen Robin, I am on a conference call and you need to take your friend and chill."  No joke, he left.

I'll stick to umbrellas, thanks!