February 28, 2011

Calendar Girls 2

Happy Monday!   The blog group Calendar Girls has their second reveal today.   Please take a few minutes to check out all of the Girls' posts today.  Their blog links are located to the right in the sidebar titled Calendar Girls.   You will be amazed at their creativity, as am I. 

Our February theme was created by Miss Kelly or aka Miss February.  The challenge was to create a card that represents your style of dress in which you would wear to a grand ball.   The other criterions were to have something with your favorite color and a shape.

I have to admit that I was a bit perplexed at what to create.   I had an idea that formulated to the point of picking up a great pearl paper especially for the card, to only start to create the card and did a total 360° turn!  

I know it sounds crazy, but my favorite color changes.   I consistently always like black.  No, I am not Goth!  It is just a basic color and most everything goes with it.  You know, the perfect black dress, suit, shoe, or 'I got up late so will wear all black so I do not have to decide on anything' (you know that you have had that kind of morning!).  So, I decided that my favorite featured color would be black. 

As for a dress well, I really am not a foofy girl.  I would be more your amazing looking simple dress that looks well made and in a perfect world is way comfortable!  Said dress would probably be purchased at a great boutique.  

Along with the 'I really am not a foofy girl' theme, I am not really not a pink girl either.  Not that I am opposed to the color, it just seems that I do not use it or wear it much.   I maybe own three pink clothing items, so the fact that there is so much pink on my card is just how it came together...think 360° again!

As I went to create the original idea for my card, I remembered that I received a greeting card that had a great little boutique scene.  At the time I saved the card front, as I thought of my girlfriend who sells CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation) clothing.  I wanted to create a cute card that she would love and pink and black are CAbi's themed colors.  If you have not checked out their clothing, do!  They have great items and quality.  I love me some CAbi!

So my little cheat, was that we did not have to use 'the dress' literally, but it just looked so cute on here that I did.   It would be so me to have matching handbag and shoes.   I thought the little shopping bag was so cute, tissue and all!   Of course if I could choose, the pearls would be from Mikimoto

The card stock is basic black.  I used pink scrap card stock to accent.  It does not show well in the picture, but the white layers are a pearled paper.  I used a scalloped edge punch for a decorative edge.  My shape is square, as I can be a bit square at times, but the rounded edges hopefully make me not too geeky!  I added three eyelets, some ribbons and here is the finished card.   I hope it fares well at the ball!


~Paola~ said...

I am stunned and speechless!!
Tami this is ohh sooooo awesomeeeee !! LOve love it how it all came together sooooo beautifully!!You are sooo creative!
ok...I am picking uo my jaw from the floor now...LOL

Terry Ladwig said...

Wow Tami....that card is so stinkin' cute!! Great take on the challenge! I love it and the colors you used worked great together!

MiamiKel said...

OMGOSH, Tami! Do you know how absolutely marvelous this is?!!!! THis is a jaw dropping show stopper! The detail! THe splendor! The cuteness!! This is just the cutest card I've ever seen, so beautifully designed girl, you need to enter this like everywhere!! It will scoop up some prizes! You'll look so cute in your lil black dress at the Royal Ball! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Carol W said...

WOW, WOW, WOW....absolutely STUNNING...wow (again) what a card. This is jaw dropping gorgeous..I love it and love how you pulled it all together...Tami you did an amazing job. I'm speechless (doesn't happen often)....You rocked this for sure and love your explanation...You are going to have a full dance card for sure...((hugs))


Michelle said...

What a beautiful card! The layout is so cool...love how you did the store front! The color combo is one of my favorites.

Barb said...

Tami--this card is incredible! Love the layour and it is a stunning creation. Love the colors and it is perfect for the Ball! Hope you too have a grand time!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Wowzer! I want to go shopping!

Tami, your little black dress and your matching accessories create the perfect scene for the ball! I love your style and the bold color choices (even if pink isn't your color, it does look good on you.). WOW! This is perfect!!!

I hope you dance!

April said...


While I am not a pink girl, I love the fuschia-esque hot pink that is showcased here!! This is a wonderful take on Kelly's challenge and I love how we get to know one another better through this group!

dweatter said...

Stunning card Tami. I love your colors and the layout. That store front is so cute! Who could not want to go chopping there? The scalloped edge punch and embellishments add the perfect touch. Love the lil shopping bag!!

Unknown said...

Great card Tami! so much detail!