September 28, 2011

Calendar Girls - September

Choices!  That is what our challenge was about for September.  Paola, gave us so many choices to create with this month.  

We had choices from songs to teachers!  I know you might think I would choose a song, but nope, not this time!  Do I owe some teachers some cards - of the 'Gee, I'm sorry' variety - yep, but not this time!

I went with the children theme.   We have a favorite girl who DH and I love, love, love!  We call her our faux daughter!  LOL   Her name is Alli, and she is too friggin' cute! 

My card this round is created for her and will be given to her as a part of the challenge.  It worked out perfectly really.  I was a wee bit behind on getting her card created.   I had purchased the paper two months ago at a special LSS that I do not get by very often.

Alli, started first grade this year.   Where did the time go?!   I know that we all say that, but wow!  Here is a picture of the card and Alli with her Bunny Foo Foo ears around Easter time.

Please stop by all of the Calendar Girls blogs.  You will see some amazing creations!   Their blog links are on the right side bar under Calendar Girls.


Carol W said...

Tami your sweet faux daughter Ali is adorable and so is your card...What a fun, fun, fun, card for her to receive. I am sure she will be thrilled. Wonderful layout, fun colors and so well put together...awesome.....♥

April said...

The best type of daughter....a faux one! LOL

What a fantastic card! And the recipient will adore it! First grade is sure to be happy for little Alli!

Barb said...

Great card Tami--I love the bold words and the colors are perfect.

Such a cutie--the card and the little doll. I am sure she will love the card!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Okay, that settles it, Tami... Alli is the most adorable faux daughter I have ever in my life seen. She is too too cute!!! Not that your card isn't cute, too, but I'm just saying, Alli's picture stole the show in your blog post! ;)

I do love your card, such pretty colors, bold lettering, and a great way to celebrate Alli's stage of life!

Terry Ladwig said...

Tami.....your faux daughter is ADORABLE!!! I love that picture of her and the bunny ears.

Love the card too!! What a great way to celebrate first grade....I never got cool cards like that!

Awesome job!!!

~Paola~ said...

Faux daughter, how sweet is that? :o) Alli is truly adorable and yes, she is stealing 'the show' with her cuteness *wink*...:o)but your card is supah the color striking! Clever way to use the d/p's words to stand off boldly.
Well done Tami...I am sure that Alli will happily approve too!:o)

MiamiKel said...

LOVE!!! I have a First Grader, too! Alli is just a doll - I admit, you had me stumped ... I saw the "daughter" part and gave a quick head turn!

Great colors on the card and the layout is DEE-VINE!! Love your work, Miss Tami! Hugs!!

Pond Flopper :)~ x0x0

dweatter said...

Oh this card is so sweet as is Miss Alli. Love the DP. She is going to love it and is lucky to have you in her life.