September 15, 2011

Dueling Darlings - September

SCHOOL IS COOL!!!!   Well, I did not always think that.  It seemed that I always thought that school was a social place, not so much for learning.   Just ask my teachers.   On second thought, don't talk to them!

School is Cool, is our Dueling Darlings theme this month.   The Diva's received a great kit from Jamie this month.   I so love the school bus die cut!   It reminds me of this song.    Gotcha!  Now you have to sing it for the rest of the day!   This song would have been what we listed to on the school bus in the late 80's.   Today, we would be listening to this song.

Jamie, asked us to share a favorite school memory.  Well my goodness, there are so many.   So how about how I met the Eye Batter?   It was the 7th grade in art class.  We were seated next to each other.  Big mistake!   We would just chat.  Then the teacher would yell at us, we would chat, she would yell, we would chat.  She finally said if we were going to talk, to go out in the hall.   So we did!  This happened several times per week.   It was perfect.  We would get to class, start talking, were asked to leave, went in the hall and chatted and talked to everyone that went by.  It was perfect placement.  The room was right by the bathroom on the main hallway. Gosh, I am glad that I am not a teacher.  I would have to slap kids like me!   LOL   The Eye Batter and I have been friends ever since. 

On to our card for this month.  I had fun creating with the kit Jamie sent.   Please check out the other Diva and Dazzler creations.  They will be awesome!   Their blog links are to the right of this post in my sidebar.

Remember the wheels on the bus.....gotcha again!


April said...

What a fun card! I love how you added to the bus!!

And, what a great friendship came of meeting the "Eye Batter."

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Awesome! Love your card, cool bus.... SCREAMING!

It's funny, I posted on one of the previous blogs about the Wheels on the Bus.......... and here you are with a link! I should have expected that. You're such fun!

Your Eye Batter story is great!

~Paola~ said...

Cute Eye Batter friendship's story Tami:o) Your card is truly a work of art- from the positive-negative of the embossed black b/g to the inside white windows b/ground,to the panleings, the awesome d/p and the funky bus!Cool card!!:o)

Judy McMullen said...

Tami, love your card and love your school story! Terrific presentation of the bus...and the songs that go with it...TEEHEE! Those backdrop panels really make the card sing!! Great job!!!

BTW, what grade did you get in that 7th grade art class??? ;)
And I'm curious how Eye Batter get her name?

Carol W said...

OH Tami....WOW!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your card....(can you tell how I feel about your card?) It is so classy and elegant. I love how you used the pencil image to flank the bus and the white windows....(doh...why didn't I think of that?) The black background really sets the dsp and bus to the forefront...great choice...AWESOME job my friend....!!! ♥♥♥

Terry Ladwig said...

Great card the layout and how you used cool stuff from your kit! I also love how you put your "slogan" down the side of your bus!

I love it ☺

MiamiKel said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh gor-geous!! Now this is one fabulous lookin' card! Just perfect in every way - love all the elements and coloring, Tam - you done this kit proud! :)
Love it! x0x0

Melina said...

Too cute! I love how you did the banner on the bus! :)

Darlene said...

Awesome job Tami! Loved your story of how you met Eye Batter! (giggling)
The bus is great (zoomed in and saw the "Never stop learning" - Amen, sister!
Creative use of panels behind the bus to offset everything. Love it!

Jamie Sanchez said...

Oh Tami!
You used the whole bus!!! I LOVE it!!!!! Great idea using the pencil as the banner on the bus too!! Very creative. Hahaha... love the Eye Batter story too! :D

dweatter said...

Great card!! Look at you adding tires, windows and a strip down your bus. Too clever girl!! Love the CAS layout! I remember that song...LOL