April 28, 2014

Calendar Girls - April

Here were are in all of our Calendar Girls glory!  It is the 28th and time to share our blog posts, welcome!

Carol, was our hostess for April.   She challenged us to create a card with our mother in mind.  Going back to her childhood, there were color themes for flowers based on the status of your relationship with your mother.   Pink or red flowers for your mother if she is here, and white if she has passed. 

I am fortunate that my mother is still here and she likes pink!  So, I created a card with pink flowers.  Since we are now talking about my mother, we have to switch to mom.  She doesn't like being called mother! 

I'll tell ya, my brother and I gave her some grief along the way!  LOL  She would get mad and call us by our whole name and we would answer "Yes, Mother" because she didn't like it!  I still stand by my brother being much older than I and that he knew better and led me the wrong way!  LOL

I decided since we are talking about my mom, we will have to go old school.  So, I pulled out an old Stampin' UP! set The Art of Life.   I decided I had better stamp old school, since I was at it.  I used Stampin' UP! inks and markers.   I did add some dry embossing, which I guess is kinda middle school now. 

The second part of the challenge was to share a memory growing up.   Now I feel bad everyone on the SCS Calendar Girls thread were thinking of sweet things and the first thing that popped up to me was a totally funny story.  Imagine that!   It's kinda how we roll!  
So, we still to this day laugh to tears on this one.   I think we recently talked about it, so probably why I thought of it first.   My mom and I went to go get her hair cut.  Well, it didn't go so well.   My brother was out washing the car when we came home.  My mom's hair was sticking out all over the place and he commented that she looked like Rod Stewart!  Oh the laughing that ensued.  She was pretty upset and went to the bathroom to see what she could do.  We were in fits of laughter.  The result, her hair just had to grow out.   Oh, we danced around that house singing Rod Stewart's  'If you want my body and you think I'm sexy', well that went over like a lead balloon.   Big trouble.   So, we changed it to 'If you like my haircut and your really want one, come on sugar let me know'!  Less of a lead balloon.   Still trouble.   We resorted after to humming the song.  My poor dad...he really wanted to laugh!  It was kinda obvious when he would bolt out of the room! 
In case you want to remember.  Here is Rod!   I'm going to go text my brother the lyrics.  Have a good day.  Please be sure to check out the rest of the Calendar Girls - I am sure they will have sweeter stories to tell! - their blog links on the right sidebar.


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh Tami, your card may be old school, but old is beautiful! I love the embossing and the soft colors.

Your "Mom" story was hilarious - and I loved it. Now I'm wanting to hum along with Rod Stewart, too!

Darlene said...

Hahahahaha...your poor mom! You two showed no mercy! I can remember one hairstyle that I tried and it certainly put me in that category also, LOL
Great story and a great card for her! Your take on "old School" is gorgeous!

Barb said...

Great Card and as usual, wonderful story to match! I bet your mom has some stories to tell about you too!

Sweet colors and love the old stamp set used!

Carol W said...

I love your old style card. I love how you do old style. It is beautiful and your story..just made me giggle. I love your posts with all the awesome stories you can really tell a story as well. Tami, I am so glad we are in groups together and that we are friends....great job on this challenge...

MiamiKel said...

I spy some grandma paper! LOL! How very beautiful, so soft and floral and lovely! Rod Stewart - oh poor mom, thanks to Kate Goslin, that came back in style, lol!

Terry Ladwig said...

Oh Tami....what a pretty and perfect Mother's day card! The flowered paper you created is pretty!

Love the story......you sure are trouble sometimes ☺

Jacquel said...

Wow! Your card is beautiful Tami & I LOVE the colors you used...that's such a pretty embossed background too! FAB work Hun & TFS!!!