February 24, 2015

Card Swap Kit - Terry

My girl Terry sent me the cutest card kit in 2014 for the Card Kit Swap on SCS.   The images and papers were so fun.  I had so many things to choose from!   I had to try to fit them into the card, I just had to!  I wish the photograph would have depicted the color of the socks a bit better.  It really is more of a greenish blue, but photographed really blue.

The sock theme makes me giggle, as my dad and I have found that my mom has an abnormal obsession with socks.  Like really....   Since my mom has been ill the past few years, she wears socks at home.  Holy night.   My dad and I were folding laundry and he quietly goes "Look at this"  and shows me her 'many' stash places for socks.   It is totally crazy!   There is every color, pattern, fuzziness (if that is even a word) you can think of.

So you know I have to run with it.   I will just randomly say, "Gosh, my feet are cold. Wish I had some socks!", or call her the Crazy Sock Lady, or Socks for short!  I think we all know where this card is going.

Have a great day!


Terry Ladwig said...

I love it!! Love the way you cut out the socks and placed them with the sentiment :-)

Well worth the wait Tami!!

Gael said...

I am a big fan of "fun socks" as I call them, too! Your mom is going to love this card! :)

Carol W said...

WOW WOW WOW I love what you did with this kit. Great job on this card....