April 18, 2017


This card was a shipwreck!  Total nightmare.  Yep.  

My craft time is limited as you know.  We have an elderly friend that is not in good health.  My stash of cards is limited as well.  I have the bright idea that I will make a quick card!

Oh, okay.  I go to my image file.   I choose the ship image - no coloring - surely this will save some time.   I find a sentiment that would go with said ship - not as easy as you think!  Both were from either a card kit or image swap.   Cool beans, that I have them to choose from!

Have images will create.  This is going to be quick!  Choose a DP from my kit remnants. I like the paper and coordinate the card stock.  I am on a roll!  Cut all layers for card base and such, glue and assemble.  I am about five minutes in.  This is going great!

Now, I go to cut the image and sentiment.  Screech!  Halt!  The first ship - thankfully there were two stamped on the sheet - was at an angle.  I tried to right the ship.  It looked like the ship was doing a wheelie!  Cr**!  Tried again to cut it.  Too late, too close to the ship and it looked odd.  On to the next ship.   While I could cut it fine, there was a smudge on the mast.  Our friend is 87, so maybe he will not notice.  Going with that!  On to sentiment.   Tried again to cut it straight.   Not working.  You know how you try to shim up to a straight line and when you it undercuts the paper.  Aaaahhhhh!!!  Anyway, finally got that figured out.

On to the DP.  Holy night.  It was the ripper paper.  You know the kind.  So thin that it does not cut, it rips.  Shoot me! I already have coordinating colors cut and mounted.  I have to use it.   Change to a new blade, no better.   Try to clean up the edges, the paper rips in half!  No joke.  Totally cussing now.

So, I have to change the layout.   Cut a smaller piece.  Rips!  Have to cut the edge with something to get rid of the rip.  I think about those frustrating scissors we all started with from 1990, 'deckle'.  It is the only pair I saved from the tub o' scissors they came in.  Friggin' cuts crooked.  Try again, shorter paper now.  I need a rest!

Finally get the card assembled.  On a good note, Card stock and the three brads were the only items I provided.  The rest were from card kits and DDD kits.   I hope I do not offend if you were the sender - I love the image, sentiment and paper.  Maybe my haste created chaos!  At least I have a card to send for next week.

Have a great weekend!



Barb said...

Holy Moly! I am so tired from reading your saga......... and only, you can describe it in the detail you do so well! Love the card and the layout is so pretty! You can hardly notice the smudge..........................

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Tami, I am giggling. Unlike Barb (who tires much too easily, due to her OLD age), I feel like a kid in the craft room. Can't you just see it... young child.... ripping paper and having fun doing it.

That being said, your card is awesome! Great design. Your recipient will love that you thought to make a card... just for him!

MiamiKel said...

Oh Tami - you won the battle as this card is cahhhh-uuute!!

Carol W said...

For a shipwreck this card turned out awesome. I love it. The ribbon treatment on the image is wonderful.

Terry Ladwig said...

All that work created a very cool card! I do not see a shipwreck anywhere!!