October 6, 2017

Dueling Darlings - August

Carol, was the sweet hostess for our August Dueling Darlings at SCS.  We received a fishing themed kit.

My first reaction was great I can send my dad a card.....well, then I remembered not really something I can do any longer.  My dad loved to fish. In fact, one of our winter projects is to research out the fishing poles and tackle that he had.  I do not want to give or sell any of it, until we know what we have.  Our garage is starting to resemble Cabela's!

My dad had a fishing boat that we knew nothing about as well.  We took it to the marina and consigned it with the company that my dad purchased it from, so we could sell it within the summer season.  They had a much larger buying pool and were so nice remembering my dad.  The boat sold the first day to someone that was so excited to get the boat, it makes me happy.  My point in telling you this, is that my dad did not get to use the boat but a handful of times as my mom got sick and he took care of her, then he was sick.  Go out there, use your 'boat', go on that trip, it matters!

Of course Carol sent a variety of images.   I was first drawn to the cute image, then I thought I need to challenge myself and used the fish image.  There was more realistic fish DP, so I used that.  One of them had this bad a** fish on it.  It is the background piece and I had to cover him up, as he kinda scared me! LOL   My photo does not pick up the little hints of Spica glitter I used on the fish image, to give him some depth.

Now the fun image that Carol sent, I had used before.  I made this card a long time ago, but will share again, since he is in theme with the kit. Here is a card made with the Whipper Snapper image.  He is the cutest little thing!

Thank you Carol, for a great kit for August.  I enjoyed working with it!


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Tami, you are so right... we need to do it... whatever it is, NOW! I am sorry you have been reminded of that lesson due to great loss. I'm also sorry your garage is bulging... but what a treasure it will be to peek into your dad's life again and again as you learn about all of those things he considered dear. Of course, you were most dear to him. Remember that as you walk down memory lane.

Now about your card... it is awesome! I'm glad you didn't go cutesy but instead went with the realistic fish image. It is masculine, and striking, and a fabulous card!

Barb said...

What a great story Tami and a wonderful reminder to all of us! I love both of your cards! I love the realist fish you used this time, but the former one is too cute too!

Carol W said...

OMG Tami, Your card is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You blew this challenge right out of the park. Great coloring and layout. You did such a sweet tribute to your dad as well. (I have the other card you made and it has been one of my favorites since you made it).I agree with Jeanette as well on her post. Life is short and we need to make all that we can out of it while we can!!! Great job Tami.

Terry Ladwig said...

Both of your cards are great! Love the bad a** fish one and the other is so cute!