March 15, 2020

Dueling Darlings - March

Hello!   Welcome to the March duel with the Dueling Darlings from SCS.   Terry and I are the hosts this round!

Terry and I texted about a theme.  Terry found that March 20th is International Day of Happiness.  Made us think what makes us happy on a smaller scale.   Of course, coffee came to mind!  If you are a coffee drinker, it just makes your day a little happier.  So, coffee theme it is!   Out go the kits to the Divas.

We asked the girls to let us know what little thing makes them happy and to share in their post.   Okay, here is mine!  Moving with the coffee theme, I like to go to Starbucks.  Nothing fancy, just a Venti Blonde Roast, black.  

Of course I have to be into efficiency and use the app to order, so I can walk in and pick it up and not wait and can pay via the app.  If I que the order on the app before I leave the house, about half way to Starbucks on my way to work I push a button and order placed and paid.  Love it!

So, here is my secret happy.....ssshhhhh don't tell is kinda is amazing the number of people at our Starbucks at 5:40 AM!   Really, it is!  There are the regular group of patrons that you see and say hello to.  Then there are the cutthroats!  They are all out to get to the drive thru before you!  I mean, come on!  Remember how I like to que my order on the mobile app? There is nothing better than a cutthroat in the long drive thru line waiting while (because forbid they go in the store) I park my car you just cut off, get out, walk in to the store, get my coffee from the counter and go back to the car in under a minute.  The cutthroats are giving the stink eye and I smile, get in my car and drive away and they have not even ordered yet.  Secret happy!

In December DH and I went to Seattle for a few days.   Here are picks of the original Starbucks store at Pike Place Market.  The very first one in 1971!  The lines were over a block long to get in.  

I have this stamp set from Avery Elle that is coffee related and perfect for our duel.  I decided to go old school stamping and mask the images.   I hope the Divas liked their kits.  I cannot wait to see what they have created with them.  The blog links for the Dueling Darlings are on the right side bar.

Have a great day~


  1. Adorable card, Tami! I like how you used more than one of cups together.

  2. First--thanks for the fun kit. I love the papers and the fun images. Your card is so sweet. There are three cups, so I am hoping one is waiting for me!

  3. Before I comment on your beautiful card - I have to quit laughing about your "secret happy"!!!!!!!! That is SO me, hehehehe
    I just love what the Divas did with your kit. Your card rocks with the trio of deliciousness ordered via the mobile app. Imagine the stink eyes when you walk out with THREE in less than a minute!

  4. Oh girl, the mobile ap is life! I use it all the time because our regular drive through is longer than people waiting to buy TP!! I love the card design you've made here and that you sent such a fun card kit - my thought was circus tent with the red and white and dots but I couldn't figure that into a card, LOL! Hugs!

  5. Tami, your card is soooo pretty! I love it. AND I loved seeing the photos of the first Starbucks! WOW!

  6. Great kit!! Thanks so much for sending it. I love your happy story. Mobile ordering makes me happy too. :)

  7. How fun is your card! I absolutely love the three cups in a row and that fun DP. That is an cool picture of the original Starbucks- too bad I was not buying stocks back then! Great and fun duel- love the theme, even though I am a tea drinker, as I have tons of friends to sent a coffee card to!

  8. This is so cute! Love you coffee trio!

  9. I love your card a latte! LOL. You came up with a great theme, thank you for that!! I love how you used the three cups on your card, and it's a fun layout.

  10. Such a fun blog post to read. I like Starbucks too.

    I like your card. The red stripes are so fun and alive--just the way coffee is supposed to make us feel!

    Your twine and your heart brad are cute little additions.

  11. Tami thank you for the fun kit. I love your card. It is Awesome!!! I love the bright red cups and the layout. I have been to the Pike Place Market. It was amazing. I got to visit it when I went out for a visit with Paola and Kadie. what a fun trip that was. I love how you put all 3 cups in a row. Fun,fun card.


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