September 13, 2012

Mia Says Hi

Okay, so here I am as the seemingly crazy cat lady.   Mia, has a few pictures to share.   She is just a little mini bike.  At a year and a half old, she is tipping the scales at seven pounds.  Her eye is still a bit weepy and I am still hoping it will get better.  

I could not find her the other day and here she was behind the pillow on the couch she is not allowed on.  Yeah, that was not an easy find!

Mia, also enjoys laying in the air conditioned house and sunning herself in slices of sun.   Spoiled she is.

Oh, would that be the mantel you are on?  Yes, where you walk in front of the television so we have to look around you.   Oh, okay.  Really?!

Here is my favorite blanket.  I like to hide in it, but want to see out!

Mia, also wanted me to add that she has caught a fly and her mom was thoroughly disgusted and she chewed a string to a window blind that will now no longer open.    DH thinks that she knows that I secretly want to get plantation shutters for that window anyway!   LOL  Remember, we were used to having a geriatric 21 year old cat that you could find sleeping in one of three places!   We love her.


MiamiKel said...

What a precious pie! She is So photogenic and those bright green eyes are something to behold! We try to keep our pups off the couch ... alas, not sure what else to try to actually accomplish it! :) TFS! *Furry hugs and purrs!*

Patty Gorka said...

Oh, how cute is she!!? Funny how they find places to hide!