March 24, 2017

Just A Note

Just a note to say hello!   That is what I was looking to do.  I need a card to say hello to a friend and went to see if I had any image fitting this criteria.

I found this cute House Mouse image, that I received in an image swap some time ago.  Who remembers 37 cent stamps {the amount on the image stamps}?  Wasn't that like so 2002?!

I ended up with some pretty cute images from some of those swaps long ago.  The only downer on this one, is that the paper was really thin and a bit of a challenge to work with.  For the life of me, those pearls are straight and then they move a smidgen downward!  Like the glue is pliable.  Ugh.  It is making me pearl crazy!

I used some DP scraps from my scrap bin.  Grandma paper!!!!!  For anyone who does not know, Grandma paper is DP that looks like it could be wallpaper in a Grandma's house.   Maybe not a hip Grandma, but a quintessential I am sweet and will bake you a pie kinda Grandma.  I just love me some Grandma paper!

Okay, off of card making mode and into gotta go get my tires rotated mode.   I know, my priorities are skewed!  LOL

Have a great weekend~

March 15, 2017

Dueling Darlings - March

Hello everyone!   I hope that you are all having a good week.   The Dueling Darlings from SCS are ready to post for the March duel.

LJ, was our hostess this month.  She sent a great kit.  It was filled with hot air balloon images, sentiments and great papers.   Thank you, LJ!

This past week has been extremely busy.  The best part of the kit was that the images were all ready die cut.  No fussy cutting for this girl!   I literally threw this card together.   I so wanted to use the grandma paper, but did not have the time I thought I needed to work with it and the image(s).

I cannot wait to see what everyone has created.  Hey, maybe someone used the grandma paper.   I love me some grandma paper!  You can look too - the blog links are on the right sidebar.