March 24, 2017

Just A Note

Just a note to say hello!   That is what I was looking to do.  I need a card to say hello to a friend and went to see if I had any image fitting this criteria.

I found this cute House Mouse image, that I received in an image swap some time ago.  Who remembers 37 cent stamps {the amount on the image stamps}?  Wasn't that like so 2002?!

I ended up with some pretty cute images from some of those swaps long ago.  The only downer on this one, is that the paper was really thin and a bit of a challenge to work with.  For the life of me, those pearls are straight and then they move a smidgen downward!  Like the glue is pliable.  Ugh.  It is making me pearl crazy!

I used some DP scraps from my scrap bin.  Grandma paper!!!!!  For anyone who does not know, Grandma paper is DP that looks like it could be wallpaper in a Grandma's house.   Maybe not a hip Grandma, but a quintessential I am sweet and will bake you a pie kinda Grandma.  I just love me some Grandma paper!

Okay, off of card making mode and into gotta go get my tires rotated mode.   I know, my priorities are skewed!  LOL

Have a great weekend~


MiamiKel said...

ha! Not only do I remember the stamp value but I remember back in da day when I had to write letters and sit at the mailbox waiting for a reply! If our kids had a clue what life was like 'back then' - LOL! Sensational card, grandma papers and all :)

Barb said...

What a sweet card! That paper is just perfect.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

What a sweet card, Tami! Your design is nice and your coloring is amazing!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I just love this card- the image is soooo sweet!!! Love your layout and perfect colors too!

Unknown said...

This is a darn good looking card Miss Tami ❤
I love me some House Mouse too....and your coloring of this lil
tailed creature is fabulous!
BTW...THAT GMAIL paper!!! I love it too!...
So much so that I used exactly the same one in one of the cards
I made last Feb for my youngest my gallery Feb 21!
Hence....G'MA paper....IS the perfect choice!! Lol