June 21, 2019

Keep It Simple

As I stated in another post, I have slim pickin's on card stash.  After two runs to Hallmark for cards that had to go out and a lot of money later, I thought I need to 'use what'cha got'!

I always feel like a card has to be all fancy-schmancy to go out.  I really like DP, that is why I bought  it right?  So, I got to thinking, why can't I just make a simple versatile card that would work for male, female, any occasion, feature the DP.  I mean we send the cards mostly to people that do not make their own cards, so they might think that is fancy-schmancy enough right?

So, I have had this paper cut for a long time, never assembled, as I had this thought a long time ago.  I  liked the DP and thought that it would work for my keep it simple project.  The card can open either way and can be sent out in a second for any occasion.

I paired the papers with a card stock that I have a lot of, in the cream color.   This is in case I decide I want to add a sentiment or something later, or for a specific card. Added some layers to give the card some weight.  Of course I layer the interior too, but am too lazy to take photos of it! I made nine of this card and it was easy cut, glue and assembly.

So, think about it....maybe you could keep it simple too!  Have fun!


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Tami, I have (and love) that DP, too. Your cards are so rich and gorgeous!

Carol W said...

LOVE these...You go girl!